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Weekly Updates #4

Christian Roggia

This weekly update is focused on the new UI/UX on its way to the first release and the new Image APIs.

Animeshon Login

Images are now properly indexed with metadata and features extraction, functionalities that will be expanded in the course of the next months to allow for a more advanced image management architecture. We now store dominant image colors, tags, popularity scores, and many other features useful to select, recommend, and suggest the most relevant pictures to users as well as to perform accurate text searches and reverse image searches.

The UI/UX is also reaching the stage of deployment and is getting ready for a first alpha release. This release will likely include login, registration, onboarding, and user settings functionalities. Contributions and libraries will follow sometime later.

To summarize the week in a bullet list:

  • Pre-Alpha version of Image APIs
  • Integration of the UI/UX with Authorization and Authentication services
  • Important development of core components in the contribution flow

As a final update, we have internally decided to switch to a bi-weekly update starting from the next week to ensure that enough progress is made during this phase of design and early development.