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Weekly Updates #2

Matteo Roggia

Konnichiwa, Matteo desu.

Here again with a Weekly Update. This week we spent most of our time brainstorming and deciding how to reallocate our manpower from the Encyclopedia and Detabesu to the Media Platform.

Not an easy task considering the completely different nature of the product (Detabesu / Encyclopedia -> data-driven, very technical | Media Platform -> user-driven, very interactive).

In the meantime we also analyzed and tested out some technologies we selected as candidates in the past months, laying down a pretty sound and nice technology stack which will assure perfect integration across our ecosystem's components and third parties application as well.

To summarize the week in a bullet list:

  • Design of the entire datagraph's schema needed for the Media Platform
  • Analysis and test of integration across our component through schema-stitching
  • Further development of the tracking lists (e.g. watchlist, watch later, etc.) system we will use as pilot project to test user authentication and authorization
  • Brainstorming about Ashen revamp and further development

And that concludes this Weekly Update. Ja ne~