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Release Notes: v21.02

Asuka Sōryū Langley (Animeshon Robot)

  • Added GraphQL documentation directly in the schema (available at or through compatible GraphQL clients)
  • Renamed GraphQL fields for consistency (e.g. "index" -> "identifier"), check your application for breaking changes
  • Renamed GraphQL fields from the singular form to plural form (e.g. "appearance" -> "appearances"), check your application for breaking changes
  • Changed rate limits on query* and aggregate* operations to 10 every second
  • Schema stitching between Elasticsearch search engine and Detabesu
  • Vast improvement of search engine results
  • Redesign of the cross-references:
    • Every external resource might lead to more than one cross-reference node
    • Cross-reference nodes might be flagged as partial if the external resource only matches partially with Animeshon metadata
    • Every external resource might be linked to more than one Animeshon resource
    • Every external resource leads to at most one non-partial cross-reference node
  • Vast improvement of Data-Linking
    • The data available in Detabesu is now more interconnected (more cross-references, especially between different media)
  • Introduction of Universe, Canonical (Series) and Visual Novel Release page
  • Introduction of Universe and Canonical (Series) data-structures in Detabesu
  • Changed the main source of truth of the Doujinshis from to
    • The amount of Doujinshi available in Detabesu is considerably lower, but the quality of the information is higher and more consistent
  • Fix of data interface implementation during the Wormhole migration
    • Using the getMetadata, queryContent, …, queries, it is now possible to retrieve all objects implementing that particular interface making the data easier to retrieve in a single query and without custom logic
  • Fix of a few hundreds of circular cross-references which were leading to multiple Anime to have the same data
  • Fix of a few thousand wrongly parsed contents in the Wormhole pipeline which led to broken data and type mismatch between Manga and Light Novels
  • Additional minor fixes and improvements to the Encyclopedia as well as the GraphQL Gateway

Known Issues

  • Some cross-references, in particular, Doujinshi with short or common names, might be wrong due to a too high tolerance of the automated matching algorithm
  • Episodes are not shown in search results and might not be returned properly by GraphQL queries
    • This bug is caused by a missing connection between episodes and animes (i.e. missing cross-references), it will gradually go away