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Interview with a Cosplayer - Saika


saika-1 cosplay About Saika: Saika is a German-Russian cosplayer with almost 3000 followers on Instagram and very talented for creating cosplays and very active in the community. She is also a big Anime fan and her passion for Japanese Media is tremendous.

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Animeshon: Hi Saika-chan! Thank you very much for agreeing to our interview. We have been collaborating together since March of 2020 and seen a lot of cosplay activities of yours. Since our community is into Anime and Manga, we thought about interviewing cosplayers and you are the first one. Please tell us what made you become a cosplayer!

Saika: My best friend made me do it. We both have always celebrated and admired cosplayers! That’s how I became a cosplayer when I told her I wanted to start somehow.

Animeshon: What is the most important thing about being a cosplayer?

Saika: I think to have fun doing what you do, you should never let it get you down!

saika-2 cosplay Animeshon: What is the most interesting thing about being a cosplayer?

Saika: Slipping into other roles, disguising yourself, and feeling like someone else. 💕💕 That’s the best feeling 😻

Animeshon: What is the most difficult thing about being a cosplayer?

Saika: You need a lot of time to put on make-up and it may get more complicated. The more you are into cosplay, the more difficult cosplay you want to buy. Example: My Jeanne D’arc cosplay or other characters with armor.

Animeshon: What kinds of fans do you want to get?

Saika: Fans let people cosplay what they want without hating. It can be hurtful and many don’t realize it.

Animeshon: What is your dream or goal as a cosplayer?

Saika: I don’t have a dream or goal as a cosplayer. I just want to have fun cosplaying with other people.

Animeshon: What is your opinion about the world of cosplay?

Saika: The world of cosplayers has advantages and disadvantages like any other hobby. I also think that the cosplay community is dividing more and more and that’s really sad. But everyone has their own opinion and every community is dividing.

saika-3 cosplay Animeshon: Please write a short message to your fans.

Saika: I’m really grateful that I have such a cute little community with lots of positive opinions! Thanks for your support! If I ever get hate, I will get mentally ill, very dismissive, and reserved, but I read all of your comments! I always look forward to your own opinions.

Animeshon: Again, thank you so much for your time!

(interviewed by Animeshon on January 21, 2021)