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Bi-Weekly Updates #9

Matteo Roggia

Konnichiwa, Matteo desu.

Here we go again with another (delayed) Bi-Weekly Update. This sprint was spent mostly consolidating and developing in alignment with decisions we took in the previous one and attending a training about how to develop the business in Japan organized by the EU-Japan Centre, a major institution of the European Commission.

The Training, took most of Christian's time, which had to attend every day for 4-6 hours lectures online (thank you covid-19). Because of that, the development has slowed down a bit. But fear not! He will be back on the track next week!

In general, this sprint's main milestones are:

  • Refactor, check, and test of the Crossref Manager which is now aligned with the new data structure
  • Improvement of the matching algorithm (both quality and speed)
  • End-to-end test of Wormhole, which is now ready for a new migration
  • Design and development of Animeshon's gRBAC (Graph Role Based Acces Control)
  • Update of the authentication system to the newest version before the release of the public Alpha Version
  • Development of custom resolvers that inject GraphQL logic in the requests made to Detabesu (which allows us to provide a cleaner and more usable public Datagraph)

Ja ne~