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Bi-Weekly Updates #7

Matteo Roggia

Konnichiwa, Matteo desu.

Very long time has passed since our last Update, but do not despair, we are still alive (somehow). In this timespan, Animeshon has moved forward and we are approaching some quite important milestones & releases.

  • Firstly we finally finalized the flow needed for the contribution to be ingested in Wormhole.
  • Authentication infrastructure is up & running and we are only wating for the UI to deploy the first alpha version publicly available.
  • We started the refactor of Wormhole to accommodate and correctly manage the contributions.
  • We also took the Wormhole refactor as a chance to correct some Detabesu definitions which were not accurate nor correct (Doujin for instance will collapse in the parent macro category like Manga).
  • Develop of the Image Service which will take care of all images ingested in the Animeshon Ecosystem (Platform, Encyclopedia, and Ashen).
  • Refactor of the Universe / Canonical generation to be compliant with Isekai & Wormhole.

We are slowly but steadily starting to connect all the services and features we develop in the last months, which will lead to the first version of a bigger picture of Animeshon, not only composed by Detabesu.

Ja ne~