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Bi-Weekly Updates #6

Christian Roggia

After a couple of weeks fighting with coronavirus we are finally back on track with the development and integrations of new technologies.

This bi-weekly update is full of positive news especially regarding the development of our Graph Knowledge-Base (Detabesu) which will finally introduce the most important component that we were missing so far: user contributions.

You heard that right, together with login and registration we will be releasing also a first version of the user contributions that will allow (finally) for the addition of new content as well as the update of existing one.

The way user contributions have been developed is extremely different from the usual pattern used by most websites (we love to make our life a living nightmare of complexity and experimental technologies) and it is explained in great details in this blog article.

A few weeks ago we also had the pleasure to have a 4-hours discussion with the Stuttgart Media University and Ritsumeikan University regarding the development of a universal Knowledge-Base for Anime, Manga, Light Novels, Visual Novels, and Video Games, if the topic sounds interesting to you we just released an article with more information.

Finally, UI development is proceeding smoothly and we hope to be able to let you have a first glance at the live website soon.