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Bi-Weekly Updates #5

Matteo Roggia

Konnichiwa, Matteo desu.

It has been a while since the last update. Unfortunately, the past 2 weeks have been spent more on battling covid rather than on technical or business development... Moushi wake gozaimasen :(

In these 2 weeks, we finally defined the full GraphQL schema of the Media Platform, Image service, Library service, and the integration with Detabesu.

It wasn't an easy task since we had to design the whole core data structure for the Animeshon ecosystem and we had to face quite some choices concerning the technologies to use for each component.

We now have a more precise overview of the final result of Animeshon and we are therefore able to define and proceed with the next development steps.

We also did some performance monitoring on our Live-API and we discovered some bottlenecks we will address with the next release of Dgraph, and also with internal optimization.

Ja ne~