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Bi-Weekly Updates #15

Matteo Roggia

Konnichiwa, Matteo desu.

We are not dead! (I bet you were worrying about the updates right?) Just got a Portuguese incursion to deal with and also a LOT of code to deal with.

First of all, I would like to inform you all that we deployed the Beta version of the Encyclopedia Yay! We didn't change the design but compared to the old Alpha version we started to add some cool features like Temporal Search (only available though APIs), Advanced Fulltext Search, and information like 'Where to consume the content' when the information is available. Of course, the major changes are in the Backend, but I won't bother you with useless technical details :^)

So, why did we vanish for nearly a month? Well, we are in a very complex and delicate stage of development: putting all the pieces we developed in the last year together. I know it seems an easy task, but we spent more time deleting, refactoring, redesigning services that we ended up not having enough time nor the content to prioritize biweekly updates.

Gomennasai m(_ _)m

Well, what should you expect in the next weeks then? We are currently working on the integration of the following services:

  • User Authentication
  • User profile / settings
  • Libraries
  • Trackers (with import from external websites)
  • Encyclopedia
  • User contributions
  • New Design

All the listed services are almost ready for production or already deployed to production and we are working hard on aligning all the pieces together.

We also updated, as always, the progress in our Release Roadmap.

Ja ne~ See you on Discord!