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Bi-Weekly Updates #13

Matteo Roggia

Konnichiwa, Matteo desu.

Long time no see! This time we missed the deadline due to quite a lot to "things" to do. Joking aside, we gave maximum priority to development, aiming to start rolling out products and as such we got completely lost in our tasks forgetting the Update. Gommennasai! :(

But hey, our efforts have been repaid, and, hold to your seat, we are proud to announce that the Beta-Version of Detabesu and Encyclopedia are ready to be released! I'll dive deeper after the bullet list we love so much to do:

  • Image Service development and integration
  • Vision Service (image analysis) development and integration
  • Fixing of the Wormhole Pipeline to accommodate the new data structure and new policies
  • Wormhole pipeline cleanup and improvement
  • CrossRefs Manager finalization, imposing constraints to ensure data correctness
  • Encyclopedia refactor to sync with the new Detabesu structure
  • GraphQL-Gateway improvement
  • Tracker development and integration with Detabesu
  • Identity Aware Proxy (the service responsible for authorizing all requests to the Animeshon's Ecosystem) design and alpha-development

Detabesu has been around for quite a lot of time. What we published is the proof-of-concept of what Animeshon is aiming to do, rather than an enterprise solution. Since the last December we have been taking this proof-of-concept and transforming it into a production-ready system. We almost rewrote the entire pipeline and infrastructure to accommodate future requirements and following what we learned from the experimentation with the Alpha version. What we are about to release won't be much different from what we already have, but it will provide us and all third parties project a stable foundation on which top building whatever features we want.

Later we will provide you with a list of changelogs of the Beta, which will be quite long.

Ja ne~