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Bi-Weekly Updates #12

Christian Roggia

Guten Tag.

Here we go with another bi-weekly, today we are finally on time (heh).

The past 2 (3) weeks have been more productive than ever, with a short interruption last week where every single member of Animeshon was on vacation. We are now enjoying a boost in productivity as Fábio is getting familiar with the architecture and development of new services.

Today we have (as usual) a list of changes that are helping us get closer to the release of the new encyclopedia, an important milestone that we are looking forward since a few months now.

  • The alignment of the encyclopedia with the GraphQL schema is nearly complete, a bugfix session will follow now
  • The Image API is finally online with the new CDN serving images and thumbnails, we are preparing to shut down the old CDN
  • Following some of your feedback, the dark mode has been implemented in the new user interface
  • The new UI implements now Progressive Web-App functionalities
  • The Tracker API has been updated to welcome shared trackers (watch anime with your friends) and re-watch features
  • IAM has been tested with the first service and appears to be stable and well-tested

Additionally, we have open-sourced our gRBAC policy system at grbac/grbac. This repository marks for us a step forward in open-sourcing more projects developed at Animeshon.

gRBAC - Graph Role-Based Access Control

With these updates almost all bullet points in the Release Roadmap have been completed for the planned Release 1 and Release 2, this is a huge step forward as they are by far the largest and most complex releases.

Bis bald.